Service of Process

Our Process Servers have experience serving legal documents in the most difficult situations. Whatever type of document to be served; small claims, subpoena, summons, divorce, posting a notice; East Bay Messenger and Attorney Service can help you. We offer a variety of rates based on the deadline for service and location of the party to be served. Stakeouts and skiptracing are offered for difficult situations. When the person or entity has been served we will provide you with a proof of service to file at court. We can file the proof for you for an additional charge. (Please see Court Service page for pricing.)

Rates for Oakland / Berkeley / Emeryville (Rates are per each address)

ROUTINE (attempt within 72 hrs of request, up to 4 attempts over 2 weeks): $85
RUSH (attempt within 24hrs of request, up to 4 attempts over 7 days): $145
ASAP (same-day attempt and re attempt every day for 4 days): $200

For other locations and to submit your requests, send emails to [email protected] or call (510) 224-5340. We accept documents by email or US mail if an original or certified copy is required for service.

When submitting your request include all known information needed to locate the person to be served at the given address. Let us know: 1) The address for service. 2) What hours they are known normally to be at said address. 3) Provide a photo of the person to be served (as recent a photo as possible). If a photo is not available write out a physical description. 4) Do you know what kind of car they drive, where they park, what time they leave for work? Do they work at home?

You know more than we do at the start, so helping us from the beginning will allow us to help you. If your case is from an auto accident take extra care determining if the information they provided is current. Often, in auto accident situations the person responsible will provide false or outdated information. We will not refund your money if this is the case.