East Bay Messenger + Attorney Service

Based in Oakland California, we serve documents, do research, provide litigation support and offer general courier services in San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Marin counties and elsewhere in the Bay Area. We strive to help you achieve your legal goals. You work hard on your case – we work hard to make sure your documents get to the people they should. Our experience serving process and filing documents at the courts is unmatched. You can rely on us to know the rules and to get the job done right the first time so it doesn’t have to be done again.

NEW!!! East Bay Messenger Now Provides Electronic Filing Portal; please Click here to Create your account.

Contact us to discuss your project: [email protected] (510) 224-5340.

COVID-19 Pandemic: We are taking precautions and are adhering to all safety protocols in order to stop the spread of the virus to our clients, the public and to our employees.

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Service of Process

Our Process Servers have experience serving legal documents in the most difficult situations. Whatever type of document to be served; small claims, subpoena, summons, divorce, posting a notice; East Bay Messenger and Attorney Service can help you. We offer a variety of rates based on the deadline for service and location of the party to be served. Stakeouts and skiptracing are offered for difficult situations. When the person or entity has been served we will provide you with a proof of service to file at court. We can file the proof for you for an additional charge. (Please see Court Service page for pricing.)

Rates for Oakland / Berkeley / Emeryville (Rates are per each address)

ROUTINE (attempt within 72 hrs of request, up to 4 attempts over 2 weeks): $85
RUSH (attempt within 24hrs of request, up to 4 attempts over 7 days): $145
ASAP (same-day attempt and re attempt every day for 4 days): $200

For other locations and to submit your requests, send emails to [email protected] or call (510) 224-5340. We accept documents by email or US mail if an original or certified copy is required for service.

When submitting your request include all known information needed to locate the person to be served at the given address. Let us know: 1) The address for service. 2) What hours they are known normally to be at said address. 3) Provide a photo of the person to be served (as recent a photo as possible). If a photo is not available write out a physical description. 4) Do you know what kind of car they drive, where they park, what time they leave for work? Do they work at home?

You know more than we do at the start, so helping us from the beginning will allow us to help you. If your case is from an auto accident take extra care determining if the information they provided is current. Often, in auto accident situations the person responsible will provide false or outdated information. We will not refund your money if this is the case.

Court Service

Court Service

Welcome to East Bay Messenger and Attorney Service; court service page. We are here to serve your legal needs. Please find below a list of court services we provide. If you are looking for help with something not specified here, email us about it, we can still help you.

  • Electronic Court Filing Portal: We offer this service in California counties that require electronic filing. To file electronically you must first register an electronic filing account. Click here to Create your account. Once your account is created you can use this portal to file documents and serve case participants electronically. If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t have time to use the portal, you can email us your documents and we can file under your account that you set up, for you at an additional charge. NOTE: If you also need a courtesy copy delivered please email us separately, we handle and bill for courtesy copies separately.
  • Recordation: Record your desired document at one of the Bay Areas Assessors offices.
  • File and lodge documents at Superior Court: We will take your documents to the clerk’s office and wait on line to file them with the clerk. If there are any issues we will call you from the window and try to make any required corrections while there in order to expedite the timely filing of your documents. Courtesy copy delivery is included with this service.
  • Deliver Courtesy Copies: Some departments require a paper copy be delivered after filing. Or you may have a proposed order to be delivered to the judge for their consideration. When we do this we will leave an SASE with the document so the court will send you a wet ink copy of the signed and filed order.
  • Print, Tab and bind your documents to meet the standards of the court: When presenting filings, courtesy copies or even trial documents. Different courts have different printing standards and requirements per the local rules. These rules are ever changing. We stay on top of these and print your documents per the courts requirement.
  • Advance fees on your behalf: When filing documents in the california courts, there are filing fees associated with some document filings. We will pay those fees on your behalf and charge a 10% Fee for that service.
  • Obtain Copies of Documents / Research: If you need copies of your judgment, disposition, Divorce decree, Deed, Lien or something else we can obtain that for you. If your not sure of the document number or date or are looking for some other kind of court or property information we can help you obtain the record.

We can do what you need to achieve your legal goals, if you have a project contact us. 510-224-5340 or email [email protected]

Covid-19: All courts have changed their procedures since the pandemic started; we are monitoring and adapting to these changes as they happen.

Rates for (Berkeley / Oakland / Emeryville )

Rates are determined by the time we have to get your job done. Most courts in the Bay Area close at 2PM. Chamber’s copy preparation and delivery are available as well, please contact me with your request.

  • Routine (4+hours): $60 (includes courtesy copies) 
  • Rush (3-hour): $75 (includes courtesy copies) 
  • ASAP (1 hour): $90 (includes courtesy copies) 
  • Direct: (<1 Hour): $125 (includes courtesy copies) (call to confirm we are available)
  • Waiting time: $0.75/minute 
  • Printing and doc prep: $0.35/page (B/W), $1.00/page (Color)
  • Bottom Tabs, $1.00/ea
  • Custom Tabs $2.00/ea
  • Pick-up: Charges depend on location Oakland / Berkeley / Emeryville; $$45-90 outside

Yes, we go to other courthouses. Contact us for rates

Courier Service

Courier Service

We offer courier services too. Do you need a delivery in the Bay Area? Just let us know what you need delivered and when and we will get back to you with a quote. We can also pack and deliver small works of art.

East Bay Messenger and Attorney Service is based in Oakland. Rates are based on the time frame to complete your delivery as well as the distance we will have to travel. We use hybrid vehicles or bicycles for small local deliveries in order to minimize our impact on the environment. During the pandemic we helped companies equip their staff with computers and other materials so they could continue working from the safety of their homes.

We also deliver trial documents to courtrooms for ex parte hearings and other important, time sensitive events like depositions and signings.

Send emails to [email protected] of call (510) 224-5340

Contact us

Email project requests to: [email protected]

Please include the following information in your email:

  1. First /Last Name
  2. Phone
  3. What is the time frame / Deadline?
  4. Attach a PDF of your documents to the email.

If you are requesting service of process, also answer the following questions:

  1. Clearly state person or entity to be served
  2. Clearly State the address for service
  3. Note if witness fees should be paid
  4. include photos if available

If you are requesting court service also answer the following questions:

  1. Should I advance court fees.
  2. Do you require that a courtesy copy is delivered.
  3. Do you require exhibit tabs.
  4. what courthouse is this case being heard.